Student Achievement

In order to Achieve, first you must Believe. I take pride in the relationships I have built with my students. Along with these relationships comes a respect that has been shown to get positive results from students.

At Houghton Lake High School I have had the opportunity to teach an ACT prep class geared toward the Science section of the ACT test. The graph below shows the rapid improvement in College Readiness since 2010. I joined HLHS in 2010 and was an integral part of building the ACT prep program along with a program we called the Junior Experience. In the Junior Experience we were able to give students life skill opportunities such as resume writing, college visits, military information, personal finance, and even skills like how to apply for a job.

While at Cedar Springs High School I have been selected as our Tech 21 Administrative Lead and the science department head. In both areas I have been in charge of the budget and working as a close connection to the front office.

At both Houghton Lake and Cedar Springs I have earned grant money for our science departments and helped complete the paperwork for our Tech 21 grant.

I enjoy watching students succeed through offering a variety of ways in which students are assessed. I think this helps students get excited about the material while allowing students to demonstrate proficiency in their own way.

HLHS College Readiness Trend in Science source: mischooldata.org
HLHS College Readiness Trend in Science source: mischooldata.org