BIOLOGY- A Love Poem

Last week I posted about finally finishing my children’s book “Have you seen my charger?” . This week I would like to share a little poem from my Nana.

Betty Gaskell (Fluegge) was my Nana. My maternal grandmother and I miss her dearly. Nana had many gifts, but did not always show them off. I am not sure if this was humility or a lack of confidence, but I do know she was a far better artist and poet than I would have known. Had I not overseen her drawing later in her life at a 4th of July celebration, or had my mom stumble across this poem after her passing I am not sure some of her skill would have ever been shared. Maybe she wanted to stay private, but I think it is too good not to share.

I became a biology teacher several years after Nana passed away, and many years after she wrote this poem as a school assignment. I always knew my Nana and Papa loved nature, but I did not realize they had an appreciation for nature for so long. As our world keeps getting consumed and used up I hope you can take a moment to stop and smell the flowers, listen to the birds, and see how much of life is connected all around us.

So, here it is. A little poem simply titled “Biology”. Peace.


By: Betty Gaskell (Fluegge)

Birds ‘n bees ‘n ants ‘n things,

In all the valleys, brooks ‘n springs,

On every shrub, in every place,

Life shows to me its smiling face,

O’er all the hills and grassy nooks,

Green plants there seem to be, and

Yet I yearn to tell the world that this is Biology.

One thought on “BIOLOGY- A Love Poem

  1. Joyce says:

    Yes. Mom was a loving nurturer of all things liviing: most anyone she knew, yet specifically her family and friends, the outdoors and cultural aspects that contributed to the quality our lives. Papa and Nana loved you dearly and would be so proud of you, Eddie…. in so many ways. It’s good to see Nana’s thoughts shared.


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