Looking Up

Spending time camping with family is an perennial gift I am blessed to experience. The separation from the daily grind at home truly helps with recharging the emotional batteries. Once again this year our family has spent a week at Aloha State Park in Mullet Lake in northern Michigan.

Similar to several other state parks in Michigan Aloha offers campsites, bath houses, a nice little beach with a great lake view, access to a rail-trail, and as a nice bonus a camp store with donuts and ice cream! Much like other great camping locations the real benefit to camping here is the time spent with family and friends.

Moreso than in years past, our camp has spent some quality time around the campfire looking up at the stars. It has been a nightly goal to spot a satellite and catch a shooting star as it streaks across the sky. With a few clear nights and no time limit we have been able to take in several celestial shows, and watch in awe as the millions of stars emerge as the night sky begins to settle.

How many nights do I miss shooting stars!?

While leaving for a bike ride to other day I found a quarter along the curb. How often to I walk/ride past money on the ground!?

It would be nearly impossible to be fully engaged in all directions of Life simultaneously. We’d quickly become overloaded with sights, sounds, smells, and feelings. I do wonder how much just a little more intentional attention to details around me would provide greater satisfaction in my daily life.

Every once in awhile my sons act in a way that hits me with some ”proud dad” feelings. One of these moments occurs when my boys walk passed a flower and then turn around to take in a deep breath of the fresh scents.

They literally take an extra moment to stop and smell the flowers!

This is my current aim, slow down and intentionally focus on the beauty that is all around me. I hope you can find time to do the same. Peace.

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