The Barefoot Executive

Through and app called Overdrive, you can rent audiobooks (and eBooks) for FREE with the use of a local library card. Audiobooks are great for commutes, family car trips, the rare moment of quiet time, and for absorbing some knowledge while exercising. While camping this summer I was fortunate to get away for some long bike rides. On a few of these rides I listened to The Barefoot Executive by Carrie Wilkerson.

The description for this book being the “Ultimate Guide for Being Your Own Boss and Achieving Financial Freedom” sounded cheesy, but interesting enough to fill some time while turning the pedals on the quiet roads in northern Michigan. Since I try to get right to the point on this blog, I will dive into two of my key takeaways from the book.

  1. “Done is better than perfect.”

On a personal level there are several things I have put off because I felt I needed to be fully invested to make my ideas become reality. I feared not being fully committed would result in a product less than perfect. For me these things were ideas like write a children’s book, create a song for a pep band to play, or create a blog. Last year in my classroom I encouraged my students to follow the advice in Shia LeBouf’s “Just Do It!” rant. Many times getting something done leads to later revision, and a product more closely resembling the “perfect” product that was originally causing fear.

2.  “You can be scared and broke. Or afraid and well-paid.”

Wilkerson does a nice job unpacking the idea that being vulnerable is essential for eventual success. Putting your ideas out in the open is uncomfortable, but also the only way to truly grow. Similar to the parable of a lobster growing in size by the uncomfortable process of pushing its exoskeleton out in order to stretch and expand.

The purpose of the book is to serve as a guide to starting, and growing, revenue sources to “become your own boss”. Wilkerson has proven experience starting, building, and succeeding with internet-based business. In several ways Wilkerson’s words have value beyond the purpose of making money. Connecting ideas from this book with ideas from The Happiness Advantage, I found a deeper meaning. Pursuing your natural strengths, stepping out of your comfort zone, and investing in yourself can pay dividends both financially and emotionally. Peace.

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